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Limited liability company "Vavilon"

The natural juice factory located on the outskirts of Volgograd and pertaining to the limited liability company “Vavilon” was built in the territory of 2, 5 ha. The factory’s shed territory is 1800 m2, from which the operating space – 1000 m2 and the covered axiliary territory 800 m2. Around the factory’s operating space, 1000 m2 territory has been planted trees and shrubs. For satisfaction of needs in water and overall providing the factory territory with water there was built a pump station. Besides, the well providing the factory with water has a depth of 470 meters and has a potential of water supply of 400 tons in a day. To use the pumped water in the production process we have built a water treatment plant capable to clear 5 tons water in an hour through chemical and physical purification. The electrical substation placed in the factory of a power of 200 kw provides the territory with energy. The potential output of the factory is 15.000 tons raw-material or 150.000.000 liters of nominal packed products. Our factory is equipped with the newest and leading world technologies and can accept 1.000.000 liters packed products. Over and above, there is a laboratory in our factory, which provides full conrol over the chemical, micro-biological, aromatic, as well as visual readiness for the sale both within the manufacture and hereupon. At the same time, having a net of sale, we implement them both from the centre of sale, located in the territory of the factory, and from the centers situated in the territory of Volgograd city. In one of these centers, situated in the territory of Volgograd there is a covered hangar with the capacity of 500.000 liters of nominal packed products. The Company “Vavilon” herewith offers its products to the consumers with the brand of “TROYA”.